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Cover by cutestlilpotionmaker Cover :iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 4 0 When Everything's Made To Be Broken... by cutestlilpotionmaker When Everything's Made To Be Broken... :iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 4 3 Asylum Alphabet- Rough Draft by cutestlilpotionmaker Asylum Alphabet- Rough Draft :iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 1 2 Almost by cutestlilpotionmaker Almost :iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 5 0 The closer to light you get... by cutestlilpotionmaker The closer to light you get... :iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 3 4 Secretly British by cutestlilpotionmaker Secretly British :iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 3 5 We've come for your daughter by cutestlilpotionmaker We've come for your daughter :iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 4 0
The Nature of Duality
I have two mouths inside my head
One makes me hyper; one wants me dead
I have two eyes inside my head
But I see nothing that lies ahead
I have two ears upon my head
Believing the lies they are fed
I have two lips upon my head
Been misused until they've bled
I have two people inside my head
They resent the fact they are co-ed
I have two hands inside my head
They claw and scratch, cause bloodshed
I have two choices upon my head
Lose myself or take my meds
:iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 4 19
Geminus Voluntas by cutestlilpotionmaker Geminus Voluntas :iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 3 2
You Just Know... AGAIN.
1. You've done every Labyrinth meme on dA
2. Your boyfriend can walk well in high heels because of how often you've made him dress like Jareth
3. You and a friend greet each other with the hand thing Jareth does when he says 'Voodoo' in Magic Dance
4. You can do the Magic Dance
5. During the Magic Dance scene, you and your friend shout 'Crotch magic crotch!' loudly and burst into hystercal laughter
6. You have Labyrinth christmas ornaments
7. You've named one of your children after a Labyrinth character
8. You know why the Goblin City and surrounding territory have been dubbed 'The Underground', even though it isn't underground
9. You eat peaches like mad in the hopes that you can dance with Jareth
10. You avoid peaches all together, considering what Sarah went through xD
11. When you tell a joke no one gets, you say 'Well, laugh.' a little while afterwards
12. You have Labyrinth Movie posters
13. You have over 500 pieces of Laby fan art in your gallery
14. Most of your bookmark
:iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 5 2
The heavy pound of drums echoes the pounding in my head
A quick decision, one false move, and it may be my dying day
I hear cruel lips give orders, though it devastates me to obey
Either way, I know, my hands will be stained forever red
It seems my 'apathetic' eyes still have some tears to shed
But the terrible beast of blood and death always gets its way
Lurking above this rotting metal that reeks foully of decay
The jubilation of others in the crowd fills me up with dread
A glimmer of hope remains inside the shell of who I was
Call my true name, and I will become a hero once more
To defend innocence from harsh and unrelenting pain
I remember that I, in days gone by, fought for a just cause
And always honoured the Queen to whom I was swore
In halting this violence, I could perhaps be a champion again
:iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 4 7
Samwise, It's Cold Outside. by cutestlilpotionmaker Samwise, It's Cold Outside. :iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 7 8 Ocean Born by cutestlilpotionmaker Ocean Born :iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 5 2
Winter Song
The wind swirled glittering snow through the frigid night air and a pair of eyes watched from in the trees. She had been outside for hours now, lonely, frozen hours, her skin had gone blue. She was looking for something... what had it been? The forest seemed to laugh, tall and menacing as a hooded statue, cruel flakes of snow nearly cutting her skin. Where was she, and why? Black ebbed at the edges of her vision, burning, icy pain puncturing her ribs, and she could smell death.
"I don't want to die!" She choked out to the night, the only answer the howling wind and... a chuckle? No, impossible. She was alone, she was always alone. Wasn't she?
"Foolish mortal." A voice like black ice hissed, fog curling through the trees. She desperately stumbled towards the voice, frantically searching.
"Help! Please!" A tear fell and froze on her face, body shaking harshly.
"Help? You are beyond help...."
"Where am I?! What's going on?!"
Then it stepped out of the trees, liquid and smoke all at once,
:iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 4 0
Through the Ages
Jareth felt something in the pit of his stomach, something nagging at the back of his mind. He walked over to the window and looked out at his kingdom, wondering what it could be. Aboveground, a beautiful baby girl had just been born. Her name was Sarah Williams.
:iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 25 13
Mature content
Moosic Challenge Deux :iconcutestlilpotionmaker:cutestlilpotionmaker 0 2


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Artist | Student | Varied
Hi, welcome to my page! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have fun looking through my gallery. :blackrose:

I am currently a student, my best subjects being English and Art. My favorite animals are snakes, cats, wolves, and bunnies. Tea, reading, writing, Dracula, my teddy scare Edwin, my wonderful boyfriend Ryan and victorian dresses are some of my favourite things at the moment.
My real name is: Imogene.
But around the city, they call me: Hey you! Pale kid!
Addictions? How did you know?!, vampires, tea, drawing, writing, singing, video games, crafting, ghosts, and musicals.
More about me? I have a bunny named Edgar Finch. I'm an eyeliner fanatic~ I love dark colours, soft, rich fabrics and designing clothes is my 'secret' passion. I have a boyfriend and he's too amazing for words. I day dream a LOT, and name random inanimate objects.
I love, ♥
The moon,
Elves and other various creatures,
the idea of true love and soulmates,
and art.

Ew no, I hate;
and Twilight.

music genre - ♪• instrumental• rock • pop • metal• ♪

bands - ♫• HBoND Soundtrack•Emilie Autumn• Nox Arcana• Rammstein• Adam Lambert•♫

Current Residence: Pandora's box. It's rather cozy.
Favourite genre of music: Musicals, instrumental. and metal. Just not death metal D:
Favourite style of art: Burton/ Disney/Anime
Operating System: Google Chrome.
Music player of choice: Ipod Touch
Shell of choice: Conch shells!
Wallpaper of choice: Posters
Skin of choice: Light Blue! I've always wanted light blue skin!!
Favourite cartoon character: Devi D, Dinah Wherever, Dib, Ed Weird, The Count.
Personal Quote: Winter sings a frozen song to me.
I got a bunny! His name is Edgar Finch, and he's a mini-lop. In fact, he's the cutest mini-lop in the world. No, like actually, he'll melt your eyes out of your skull with how cute he is. :)
He loves to explore, and chill with me on the couch. Watching movies. Like a boss.
Just so much LOOOOVE for this thing. He's all black, except for the rims around the edge of his feet, which are grey.
BEST FRIENDS? RIGHT? RIGHT? :iconsparklesplz:
  • Listening to: Zydrate Anatomy- Repo!
  • Eating: A muffin~
  • Drinking: Water. Mmm, fish sex.


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Innovation-Gremlin Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there!
It's been a while since I last did ANYTHING with this account, so I'm popping back in to let people watching me know that I'm not at all dead. No, not at all.
Also, I'm giving the comic I was making another shot, and since you gave some pretty good feedback last time, I figured it couldn't hurt to plug it to you a little.
Also your art is bloody amazing as always.
Just sayin.
cutestlilpotionmaker Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Student General Artist
It's good to know you're still alive! ;P
I'm glad you're doing comics again, they made my day :D
And thank you! :glomp:
MissChubi Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the favorite :3
cutestlilpotionmaker Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Student General Artist
No problem :3
Oceanbird Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the :+fav: on Cryptic Thoughts.
cutestlilpotionmaker Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2011  Student General Artist
It was my pleasure :)
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cutestlilpotionmaker Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011  Student General Artist
No problem :)
Teakster Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011  Professional General Artist

Thanks for the fav! :glomp:

It's a huge honour that you liked my work and thank you for supporting it my friend! :hug:

Let me buy you a HUGE glass of milkshake! :la:
cutestlilpotionmaker Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011  Student General Artist
It was my pleasure! :glomp:
Milkshake? Awesome! :iconlaplz:
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